Holistic wealth management in a family office setting. Our integrated approach is key to our success. The specific blend of our services is 100% dictated by our clients. This integrated approach leads to better decisions, better outcomes, and a better experience for our clients.


Investment Management

Hicks Capital adheres to a client-focused investment process based upon innovative investment management and asset allocation strategies that are customized to each client's objectives. Ultimately, the client’s goals must shape the investment strategy. We employ a disciplined and comprehensive client risk tolerance assessment which is complimented by unwavering personal service. That is why our advice is client-centered and client-specific.

Decades worth of market performance data and academic research define our investing philosophy and shape our investment process. We recognize the influential role that human behavior and emotion can play on financial decision making. And, we are clear and consistent in what we believe about the financial markets and why we make the investment recommendations we do.

Retirement Income Planning

Can I retire with the investments that I have now... Will I outlive my money... How much can I withdraw from my retirement accounts... When should I take social security... How will taxes impact my income...

Whether you are in retirement or planning for retirement, we can help you develop a plan. We will take a holistic view of all your income sources – social security, pensions, annuities, and IRA distributions. Then, we take a deep dive into your expenses and analyze your family budget.

Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

Going to probate court and settling estates are no walk in the park. You may wish to leave assets to your family, church, charitable passion, or some combination of the three. We help you develop a wealth transfer strategy that protects your intentions. We work with your attorneys to develop a plan to transfer your assets in the most tax efficient manner, while avoiding the common mistakes of estate planning.

Insurance Planning

You have worked hard for the assets you have accumulated over time. Creating a solid wealth management plan includes managing the risks that surround a family. We review all areas of risk – life, health, property & casualty, umbrella, disability, income, business, estate tax, business and investment. Think about the impact a sudden loss or accident would have on you and your family's ability to achieve your financial goals. It is uncomfortable to think about negative events, but you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are prepared to deal with loss during those difficult times.

Business Succession Planning

Maybe you want to keep the business in the family. Or, maybe you would like to develop a plan to ensure the business continues after your death. Maybe you would like to maximize the sale of your business to new owners. We are here to help you navigate the unique needs of this milestone in your life.

Charitable Giving

For many, giving back and stewardship is what is most important in life. Sharing your wealth to make a difference in the world can be powerfully rewarding. We analyze your current giving and develop a plan for future giving. Whether it be during your lifetime or at your death, we develop a strategy to maximize the value of your gifts in the most tax efficient manner.

Tax Management

The Hicks Capital team thinks about the tax implications of everything we do for clients. In other words, we believe tax management is a continual and proactive process, not a task for a few weeks in March and April each year.

It starts with the investment portfolio, where tax planning is integrated through strategies such as asset location, tax-loss harvesting and the use of tax-efficient investment vehicles.


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