The Firm

A Wealth Management Firm with Accounting Roots


Hicks Capital is unique - we are an independently owned, registered investment advisory firm with accounting roots. Yes, we have Wall Street firm experience, but our roots are from the consulting world.

We knew from the beginning that there was a better way, and we set out to build a firm that set a new standard for wealth management. Instead of focusing on one narrow slice, such as investments, we took a broader approach, one in which a team of individuals collaborate across a client’s entire balance sheet. From investments, to tax planning, to retirement income strategies, and estate planning, our clients have access to the expertise they need when they need it.

Our team shares the same philosophy and goals in serving our clients and working together in the same office improves the quality of our process and the recommendations that we make. Planning decisions don’t get made in a vacuum. The strategy is understandable, and the ongoing execution is handled in a way that ensures nothing falls through the cracks. In the end, the entire client experience is elevated.

We also wanted to eliminate any conflicts of interest. While our legal status as a fiduciary requires us to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own, our fee-only compensation structure underlines that commitment. It eliminates the bias that can arise when a firm is paid commissions or backend fees that come with recommending or selling products.

In the end, it’s about creating true partnerships that thrive on transparency, accountability, and collaboration. Supporting every client in the pursuit of their goals, using our expertise to help them live their version of a richer life.

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